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 Breaking News.

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PostSubject: Breaking News.   Thu Apr 17, 2008 3:03 pm

As you all know, we have been going fairly strong with tons of fighters. and active people. Real Life has kicked into full gear Dealing with alot of court issues, foster child issues and alot of training classes. As, most of you know, we are close to the IMMAF and the SCF leagues. SCF went under a revamp and is starting off strong. Maria(SCF Founder and Manager), and I have been talking over the passed few days.

The option on the table is, SCF is run nearly the exact same way as WCF with the only differene being a better simulator. The Simulator she uses is Ultimate 1.6.5 which is amazingly easy and alot more realistic. What I need to ask you all is should we merger into the SCF? The league has been around for awhile and is one of my favorites out there. Like I said, this league is very similar, it offers training, Gyms, title fights, sponsors, pay checks etc.

I am very much for this idea. I will be co-managing the league. I will leave it upto you. Colm please send me your thoughts via Private message. Everyone else, leave your thoughts here.


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Breaking News.
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