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 Warzone - Cage Fighting: Rules and Regulations

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PostSubject: Warzone - Cage Fighting: Rules and Regulations   Tue Jan 15, 2008 12:41 am

Warzone - Cage Fighting : Rules & Regulations

* All fights are simmed with the No Holds Barred MMA Simulator (http://www.nhb-sim.tk)

* All fights are held in the octogon.

* Fights consist of 3 five minute rounds. Championship bouts consist of 5 five minute rounds. (UFC Rules)

* WCF also have one other rule type. The Warzone fight, one thirty minute round in the cage. You can only win via Submission or Knockout, decisions will not be allowed. If the simulator can not come up with a winner after the round is over, there will be a second 30 minute round and so on, until a winner is crowned.

* Except in rare cases fighters from the same camp will not be forced to face eachother, but are still able to fight each other.

* While there is no "RPing" like in wrestling e-fed, you should post your fighters comments in regards to their fights. These should be posted in the preview thread for pre-fight comments and in the results thread for post-fight comments

* Original fighters only. They don't have to be representations of yourself (but if you want to more power to you )

* Fighters over 6'5" can weigh as much as 550lbs., Fighters under 6'5" have a maximum weight of 500lbs.

* Fighter Applications must be sent to me via Private message on the forums.

Warzone - Cage Fighting : Weight Classes

(205lbs. and over)

Light Heavyweight
(185lbs. to 204.9lbs.)

(170lbs. to 184.9lbs.)

(155lbs. to 169.9lbs.)

(145.9lbs. to 154.9lbs.)

(135lbs. to 144.9lbs.)


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Warzone - Cage Fighting: Rules and Regulations
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